Aries XWord : Crossword Puzzles by Andrew J. Ries
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The Puzzles

Aries XWords are crossword puzzles by Andrew J. Ries, sent by email every Saturday in PUZ, JPZ, and PDF formats, with solutions included.

Puzzles are themed, which means there's some underlying thread connecting a number of the clues and/or answers. They are mostly 15x15 (daily newspaper size), but some grids will vary. Rebuses (answers with multiple letters in one square) are featured on an infrequent basis.

Your weekly email will indicate whether a puzzle is rated with difficulty "Easier", "Medium", or "Harder" (none of the puzzles are "Fireball Hard").

Two sample puzzles at each difficulty level can be found here.

In-app support for direct download of subscription puzzles coming soon.

The Author

Andrew J. Ries began constructing crossword puzzles in 2006. His work has been published in various venues such as Fireball Crosswords, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

The following link to some recent Crossword Fiend reviews:

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Rows Gardens

Andrew publishes a bi-weekly Rows Garden variety puzzle, delivered by email. Each puzzle is presented with clues at 4 difficulty levels, so they're accessible to everyone. Learn more and subscribe here: Aries Puzzles.

Print Books

Andrew has written six books of crosswords:

Michigan Crosswords
Minnesota Crosswords
Texas Crosswords
Wisconsin Crosswords

For the Birds Crosswords

Creepy Crosswords